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About me and my blog

For the most part, just trying to make an effort to present the meanings of some Assamese songs to the rest of the world so that they can appreciate the beauty inherent in Assamese songs… Currently i’m concentrating more on the songs of  Zubeen Garg and Angaraag Mahanta – two of the shining stars of the modern Assamese generation. At a later stage I will be taking up those of others like the legendary Hazarika brothers or other folk songs etc.

The whole idea of a translation is to capture the thoughts in what is being stated because language is essentially just that – a tool for exchanging thoughts. Thus my translations keep undergoing changes and improvements as I keep finding better ways of expressing the thoughts present in the songs. No translation need restrain itself with the shackles of vocabulary or a word-for-word correspondence

I like cooking too so once in a while would be putting up some recipes of mine. This year (2012) I will start writing a bit more and with a greater frequency and would be touching upon topics that need not necessarily be concerned with song lyrics or recipes

If anyone wishes to listen to the songs please drop me your email ID and I would be glad to mail you the songs you wish to listen to – subject to whether I do have them with me of course 🙂 You can also request for translations of any Assamese songs


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  1. Kindly translate boitha maro

  2. Can you please provide me lyrics and English translation of the song “BoItHa MaRo Re – by Angaraag Mahanta”

  3. hi ,
    its possible to translate lyric assam and english of More Mahut Bondhure ,of lopamudra mitra
    thank you very much !!

    • Hi Meena,

      I just listened to that song. It is a melodious song indeed.. It’s in Bengali – one of the six languages I know so will surely translate it 🙂

      I am a bit occupied with my masters degree work at the moment and have very limited access to the internet as I still don’t have a machine to work with (it’s on the way though) so might take just a bit of time – say a few weeks.. Will get you your translation soon


  4. Thanks a lot Sid for translating “jonaki rati”

  5. Mahendra Baruah said:

    Dear Sir,

    Its my humble request,please translate the “Kune ringiai mur mon nasuai…..tumi mur mathu mur…”


  6. hello,
    can you please translate 2 songs for me.
    1. Xopunot aji
    2. Mon Mur

    thank you so much.

    • I’ll b waiting for the reply. so, whenever you find time, plz help me with these 2 songs!

      • Hey Krati 🙂

        Yeah these two have been on my mind for a long time too.. Dhemali Mon (Xopunot Aji) I have almost completed save for one word the pronunciation of which I am trying to ascertain. I will be posting it soon enough though since apart from that word everything else is done.. 🙂

        The other song Phagunorey Pasuwaa Ba (Mon Mur) happens to be a deeply beautiful, philosophical and to an extent, an abstract song. Will take sometime translating it. But you can be sure I will do it whenever I get some time. You can expect it to be done in the next 3-4 weeks approx.. The beauty of that song can only be done justice with a proper translation. I will give it my best 🙂

  7. thank you so very much! 🙂

  8. Hi sid.. though.. i ve jst requested this in earlier pages.. bt just mentioning it again.. please can u translate.. jodi ketiyaba.. by jitu sohwal for me.. thanx in advance.

    • Hi Anshu 🙂 sure I could do that. It’s an old favourite of mine, one I grew up listening to.. makes me nostalgic 🙂 The album was called ”Nutun Lohor” (meaning “A New Wave”) and it had Kavita Krishnamoorthy lending her voice to it as well. Excellent songs in this album..

      One small problem is that I don’t have the song with me right now. If you can mail me the song or perhaps provide me a link where I can listen to it, it will make things move faster.

      Currently I am working on a couple of other translations that a few others have requested and I will work on this too once I am done

  9. assamese lyrics of boitha maro re

  10. Hello Sid,

    You are doing a great job.

    Herewith I would like to know if you like to join our volunteer group named Swargam (part of

    We are trying to capture Assamese Song lyrics in Unicode format.

    Our site is:

    Let us know if you are interested.

    • Chiranjit apunar onupreronadayok kotha ketar karone bohut dhonyobad 🙂 it gives me the motivation to continue doing what I am doing

      Apunar xonghotur bixoye olop bitongkoi kotha hom baru kisu dinor bhitorot. Bortoman olop byosto hoi asu sakori bisari 🙂 I will surely have a look at your website and let you know. Thank you so much!

  11. hi sid !! Thnks a lot for the translated lyrics of “tumarei jen” ..

  12. Keerthana said:

    hey can you please translate osinaaki mon (papon)? i just love that song!

  13. I’m urgently looking for a translation / meaning of Mahabahu. Please can you help me out? thanks

    • Shobha at the outset I do apologize for not having been able to respond earlier. My education related pursuits left me with practically no time in the past one and a half years or so. Now – on to answer your question…

      Well you see Brahmaputra is the ONLY river in the entire Indian subcontinent that is regarded as being masculine. Contrast this with any other major river – be it the Yamuna, Ganga, Godavari, Krishna, Kauveri; as you can observe, all their names are a personification of a feminine entity. Traditionally men have been associated with physical strength.

      Now ‘Bahu’ in Assamese means the arm. (note how ‘Bahubali’ in Hindi means ‘someone who has a lot of strength’ with a particular reference to the strength in his arms). ‘Mahabahu’ directly translated would mean ‘Great arm’ – but the significance of the term goes beyond this.

      Brahmaputra as a river is known to be a very powerful force here in Assam in more ways than one. Indeed the undercurrent is so strong that even fully trained and equipped military divers are afraid to carry out operations in this one river. Further when the monsoons arrive and the river gets filled to its capacity, the floods that it causes are so highly powerful and damaging that they could sweep away entire villages altogether without a trace.

      And yet the Brahmaputra is worshipped as nothing short of a God in itself – because though it can wreak untold destruction (like the angry gods of lore) it also sustains life in many ways. In its fresh waters, live countless varieties of aquatic flora and fauna. And its teeming populations of fish provide a means of livelihood and sustenance to countless fishermen.

      Thus, the term ‘Mahabahu’ is a kind of a tribute to the Brahmaputra and its immense (masculine) physical strength. Hope this helps!

  14. Hussain said:

    Dear sir, I wanted to impress a girl by singing an assamese song of papon. Can you suggest such songs? N meaning in hindi actually im maharastrian n I dunno much abt assam plxzz sir

  15. Hii Siddharth buddy…so nice to have discovered your blog…really nice blog…you might remember your classmate 😀

  16. Shrishti Singh said:

    It’s a humble request if you could just translate the song ‘boitha Maro’. I would be extremely grateful.

  17. Shrishti Singh said:

    It’s a humble request if you could translate the ‘boitha Maro-papon ‘. I would be extremely grateful.

  18. Can you please translate this song for me.
    xei dinor
    kotha khini
    raati r saa’t
    goi lukaai

    maaj raati r
    torali ye
    kotha xei
    koi jukaay

    nixaa r nisaat
    pahori golieu
    rodor logot
    poduli paay

    tomar khobor
    aaji yu xudhe
    mor mone protitu puwa’e

    kene koi kou
    je oto dine
    eku khobor puwa hi nai.

  19. Nilesh Vaghela said:

    Can you pls gv translation of song…protidine by papon….

  20. Sibani Hazarika said:

    Can you please provide me the lyrics of “jibone janu ki bisare ” from the movie ” kuwor puror kuwor ” it’s a very luvly song .. and thanks for providing us wid so much lyrics .. good wishes to you .

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